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When It Comes to Solutions — Both Local and Global — Businesses Are Now More Powerful Than Government

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Social Response Capitalism and Product Development

By B. Lapham

Almost immediately in reading the book I could see I came to the right place: "positive, transformative actions in your business and your life can be not only feasible, but profitable." Clearly, I was looking into serious discussion of this topic.

The Sea Change in Big Business

By John Winter
President, Social Responsibility Solutions LLC

Like his hero, E.F. Schumacher, Dr. Bruce Piasecki's newest book presents us with a powerful, inspiring, and compelling alternative to business an usual. In World Inc., Dr. Piasecki argues convincingly and in writing that is accessible to all, that the future of business success lies in competing on social needs as well as on price and quality; that is, by offering products and services that serve the greater good and not just consumer desire.

A brilliant narrative on socially responsive capitalism

By George B. McReddie

Bruce Piasecki has written a powerful and compelling book that highlights the tangible benefits of management innovation driven by social awareness.

Fresh Perspective

By Donaid Seals

World Inc. brings a glimpse at global and local politics from an economic perspective, certainly a must read for the movers and shakers.

Hope for a Better World

By Kathryn Mora

After I read the first sentence in the first chapter I was hooked. Great opening paragraphs. Bruce Piasecki's writing is clear, concise, informative and positive. I feel like there's hope for a better world. The concepts are dealt with in a direct, straightforward manner based upon facts.

World Inc.

By Joanne K.

As a concerned citizen for the environment who is discouraged by the lack of government intervention, I am intrigued by Dr. Bruce Piasecki's book, World Inc. His fresh perspective encourages businesses to use social responsibility as a selling factor for their products because consumers are more and more interested in purchasing goods that don't deplete the environment.

Why and how is capitalism undergoing quantum leaps?

By Dr. Gabriela Melano, Ed.D.
Melano and Associates

Rather than dissecting the well-known mainstream corporate failures, Piasecki is much more inspiring and forward looking. He analyzes the actions and competitive achievements of pioneering business leaders who are thriving in the world market because they have sensed that improving their "bottom line" requires going beyond it.

An eye opener

By Henry Degener

Dr. Piasecki has convinced me that corporations, not government, are our future to a clean environment. "Going Green" is what business must do to be successful now and in the future.

Profound, Progressive, and Piasecki through and through

By P. Ly

World Inc. is a sophisticated read which doesn't pose a question — it promotes influential action, a much needed quality for the corporate world. It is no coincidence that those companies mentioned in the book have acted on this understanding and have become branding leaders in their industry.

Sharing of Bruce's past experiences

By Sam Smolik
Vice President Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Sustainable Development, Shell Downstream Inc.

Bruce Piasecki has spent his career bringing people together to discuss the challenging issues of the times. If you spend much time with Bruce, you'll undoubtedly notice that he listens intently and takes copious notes. He always knows when to inject a certain catalyst to spark and stimulate the discussion. World Inc. captures many of these thoughts and his vision into the future, and offers a unique opportunity to benefit from these hundreds and thousands of encounters that Bruce has experienced.

Capitalism never looked like this before

By Dr. Helena Barton
Corporate Context Inc., Hong Kong

The book highlights the importance of taking a long-term perspective when trying to understand people, profits and the seductive powers of competition in the marketplace. For many companies — whether in Hanoi or Houston — "Social Response" is not yet considered to be a business imperative. They may not be seeing the bigger picture yet, or they may argue that the stock markets only rewards them for short-term performance. But the bigger paradigm shift towards a new way of doing business is underway and inevitable. Little by little, market frameworks are responding. The tipping point is upon us.

A Revolutionary Book

By F.K. Weaver
Business Manager, Sunphone Records

World-change: that is what real revolution is all about, and it does not concern itself with trivialities. And the most compelling revolutions do not spring out of left field: they are the culmination of critical thought and experience and opinion that have been floating around for a while like motes in the breeze, ubiquitous yet amorphous. But it takes a book like Bruce Piasecki's World Inc. to gather together all the disparate but related threads of thinking already taking place all around us, organize them, focus attention on their meaning, and show a direction for future action. In other words, revolutionary books must be "plugged into the Zeitgeist," yet offer solutions that no one has expressed with clarity before.

Reader Comment on World Inc.

By Patricia Lane-MacLure,
Victoria, BC, Canada

When I was a Board Director of a large financial institution, I met with the newly appointed CEO the day after his selection to advocate our participation as a founding funder of an initiative designed to transform my city's thinking about poverty reduction. I saw it as an opportunity for strategic differentiation of the company in the eyes of its major stakeholders. He told me that he would continue some of his predecessor's commitment to social impact and CSR work but only because "it was the right thing to do." He made it clear that he saw it as philanthropy and a distraction from the core business. I eventually resigned from the Board over precisely that conflict. Four years later, World Inc. has given me the words to express what I was trying to say with the phrase "social branding", and the evidence that my judgement was correct. Thank you Bruce Piasecki! I love being able to say "I told you so!"

Prospects brighter than expected

By Patrick Mahoney
Founder & CEO, Energy Answers

Describing a phenomenon he was instrumental in creating and stimulating, Bruce Piasecki, PhD, in his new book World Inc. is alerting the world to a new efficient resource for solving some of our more serious global problems. He asserts, convincingly, that major corporations are rapidly not only assuming responsibility for the unintended consequences of their productive activity but, taking an aggressive leadership role in addressing such issues as global warming, renewable energy, resource conservation and sustainability.

The business art of innovation for social needs

By Ira Feldman

Bruce Piasecki inspired my work in environmental regulatory innovation with his seminal book In Search of Environmental Excellence in 1990. That book brought "beyond compliance" thinking in environmental policy, regulation and management into the realm of the possible. With World Inc. Piasecki has delivered another important and timely message. He pushes aside all of the ongoing hand-wringing over CSR and presents here a cogent, pragmatic, "just do it" case for corporate social responsibility.

Confused About Global Warming?

By Rebecca James

Confused about global warming? Bruce Piasecki's book, World Inc., presents concrete and rational measures to halt global warming.

Inspirational and motivating!!!

By J. Balch

Truly an inspirational and motivating read: Bruce Piasecki provides a moving account of the ways large multi-national companies like Toyota, Goldman Sachs, HP, Chevron, and GE have turned social issues such climate change into a competitive advantage.

A Watershed Book

By McJic

World Inc. is a watershed book that is not only relevant and topical, but vital. Bruce Piasecki lays out the moral imperative for our business and political leaders. The game has changed. To be successful in the twenty-first century, all stakeholders must be taken into consideration, from shareholders to workers to citizen-consumers.

No more excuses for inaction

By Richard Walker

The implications of the topics and discussion in World Inc. will help business crystallize its thinking in structurally addressing sustainability to maximize the business and environmental outcomes.

Responsible World Leadership

By Francine Hardaway

This book was a real pleasant surprise to me. The last segment of our economy that I would have ever thought would be able or willing to assume a position of leadership in major world issues like climate change would be our corporations, and yet Piasecki makes a convincing case that they can, should and will step up.

Important Book

By Effenus Henderson
Chief Diversity Officer, Weyerhaeuser Company

Bruce Piasecki has produced a very important new book that seeks to show the growing connection between capitalism and social responsibility.... Bruce's book does an excellent job of setting the stage for what is to come!

Sit up and smell the roses!

By Gale H. Degener

Dr. Bruce Piasecki presents proof in World Inc. that companies, who plan on staying in business for the long-term by winning the goodwill of a customer base, must create more socially responsible products and services. In addition, they must subscribe to more socially responsible business practices. The day has arrived when the savvy, informed customer who has the bucks to spend, will decide how and where to spend them, in great part, on the image and practices of the manufacturer.

Why I joined Bruce and AHC

By David Frazier

Working closely with Bruce I have come to realize he is actually a social historian as well as an entrepreneur. As he captures in World Inc., not only his personal experiences and vision of this social revolution and awakening, but the lived truth of the hundreds of social, corporate and thought leaders who we interact with everyday who are working to change your world for the better.

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