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World Inc.:

When It Comes to Solutions — Both Local and Global — Businesses Are Now More Powerful Than Government

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from Publishers Weekly

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In his optimistic account, Piasecki, an environmental consultant, identifies a new consumer expectation: that corporations have social obligations. He describes a 21st-century capitalism transformed by a "bloodless revolution" that has added the necessity of "social response" to the basic tenets of technical quality and price.
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The Newest Book on the Corporate Responsibility Revolution

from Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO)

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Piasecki's book reminds me that the difference between a forgettable and a memorable business book is one thing: a hidden and enduring idea suddenly made tangible. In Thomas Friedman's World is Flat, we saw globalization come alive. In Freakonomics, we saw the perverse hidden results of out-of-whack incentives. In Tipping Point, we saw market hysteria laid bare. In World Inc., we see that demonstrating measurable impact of responsible corporate practices is the secret to moving corporate responsibility from mere "defensive" activities such as compliance and governance to "offensive" strategies that help companies raise capital, sell product and recruit talent. Because we can now see corporate responsibility's positive impact in the results of HP, GE, Toyota and others, and we can make money if we follow the guidance of corporate responsibility-aware ratings services such Innovest, IRRC/ISS, Calvert and S&P, corporate responsibility is suddenly tangible. Corporate responsibility is no longer merely an aspiration. It is proven. It pays. You can take it to the bank.
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How the Growing Power of Business Is Revolutionizing Profits, People and the Future of Both

from Ethical Leadership Newsletter

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How can business contribute to the increasing challenges facing our world? How can multinational corporations survive in the future? How can investors assess the risks and potentials of companies operating in the new global economy? These are some of the questions addressed in World Inc. by Bruce Piasecki. Dr. Piasecki draws on his experience as president and founder of the American Hazard Control Group, a management consulting firm specializing in energy, materials and environmental corporate matters.
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A Broad Range of Business and Social Insights

from LOHAS Weekly Newsletter


World Inc. is a groundbreaking new book by Bruce Piasecki, one of the top energy and environmental consultants to companies such as Toyota, BP, Chevron, DuPont, and Dow Chemical. In this book, the author shows how products designed with financial, social, and environmental values create better profits and make the world a better place. Using examples from his 25 years of work with corporate leaders, he describes how "social response" will be the new benchmark by which corporations will be judged and can drive profits.
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Social Capitalism and the Rise of a Global Equity Culture

by Patrick F. Mahoney
Founder & CEO, Energy Answers International

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In World Inc., the sixth published book by Bruce Piasecki, Ph.D., one finds a vivid description, with real, understandable examples from the more progressive of the many multinational corporations, of an important phenomenon which has been described as Social Capitalism, "the Global Equity Culture."
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A Clear Call of Hope

by Julian Mendoza
Managing Director, Matrixed Strategic Solutions

A very compelling book, Dr. Piasecki's World Inc. argues that socially responsible corporate citizenship is coursing into the mainstream. Dr. Piasecki presents evidence from macro economic and political developments, as well as empirical specifics in how top companies such as GE, HP, and Toyota demonstrate this sensibility in specific terms of investments and products.
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    "World, Inc. is the sixth book from Bruce Piasecki, founder and president of the American Hazard Control Group, a management consulting firm that specializes in corporate environmental concerns. Piasecki has worked with leaders of some of the largest corporations in the world, and he uses this experience to argue that a silent revolution, which he calls "The S Frontier," is now occurring within corporate America...."
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    "While there are many reasons for the rise of Toyota and the decline of Ford, the greatest distinction between the two companies might be what Bruce Piasecki calls social response capitalism...."
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    "Years ago, Toyota bet that the Prius would succeed because of coming higher gas prices and a significant consumer market that would start to care about carbon emissions. Toyota planned well - but that's just good business...."

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