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Welcome to Green-Collar America:
Does the Future of the American Middle Class Lie in Sustainable Business?

eMagazine, November/December 2007, Vol. XVIII, no. 6

Bruce Piasecki quoted in this cover story by Brita Belli;
story reprinted in Monterey County Weekly.
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The Heat Is On

Additional Resources

Download the Letter to the Reader from noted climate change expert and author Ross Gelbspan (The Heat Is On) in which he discusses the significance of World Inc. in terms of climate change and how companies can act to address this looming crisis. [PDF]

Better Products for a Better World

Download this excerpt from an early draft of World Inc., published online in GreenBiz (March 2003), in which the author discusses how "forward-looking companies such as Toyota already recognize the need to respond to social pressures with new types of cars such as the Prius." [PDF]

Christian Science Monitor
Smart Products Can Save the Planet

Download this article published in Christian Science Monitor (November 8, 2005), by Bruce Piasecki and Peter Asmus, which examines why it is best these days to look to car companies like Toyota to develop better products such as the hybrid gasoline/electric car to solve our air pollution woes and reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. [PDF]

MSNBC - Going Green
Corporations find business case for going green

Global giants, from Wal-Mart to HP, see cost savings, other benefits

Article by Allison Linn, MSNBC (April 18, 2007)
Why go green? If oil prices surge even higher, or supplies dwindle, people will still want to heat their homes, drive their cars and turn on their lights. For a company like BP to make it in that type of market, it might help to be able to offer alternative products, such as solar or wind energy.
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