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Inside World Inc.:
Big Business is the New Government

Interview with Bruce Piasecki, by Steven Casciola for Salon City, November 2007 issue, pp. 118-121.

"The world as we know it has changed both locally and globally. And it's happened very fast. In Bruce's Piasecki's national-bestseller, World Inc., he theorizes that big businesses are now more powerful, and carry more political influence, than national governments. And he deals specifically with the issues of how businesses will both profit, and help, societies to advance...If you are ready to become a conscious consumer in this new global equity culture, to celebrate a life that is beautiful and to be a player, then read on...."
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Social Responsibility Is Entering the Corporate World

Op/Ed article by Bruce Piasecki for the Philadelphia Inquirer, posted August 6, 2007

"Business educators may be in for a surprise. Something extraordinary is happening in the global marketplace that defies classic principles taught at virtually every business school...."
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Wal-Mart, Marco Polo, and the Bridge to World Inc

Article by Bruce Piasecki

"Something extraordinary is happening in the global marketplace. A growing number of multinational corporations are competing on the basis of a new business trinity. Price and quality continue to be major discriminators setting competitors apart from one another, of course. Social responsibility — and a stream of automotive, computing and home products that embed social values of efficiency — are rapidly emerging as a third strategic factor in this age of climate change and growing multinationals...."
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Interview with Bruce Piasecki

By Demetri Chriss for Express (translated from the Greek).

"In your book you mention that, by 2015, SRC will have been established as the most popular form of capitalist behaviour. What is the reason for the rapid dissemination of this relatively new phenomenon?
I believe that businesses wishing to benefit from emerging international conditions should adopt SRC by 2015 at the latest, because, by then — if not sooner — it will be impossible to ignore some very important developments that are already occurring today...."
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ESS Governance, Risk and Compliance Blog

Blog articles by ESS President & CEO Robert Johnson:

ESS Governance, Risk and Compliance Blog

Post-Star — Glens Falls, NY

Interview with Bruce Piasecki at a book-signing at Red Fox Books
April 15, 2007

"Local author:
Corporations must go green"

Peace, love and bell-bottoms might not be a phrase generally associated with the cut-throat world of major corporations, but local author Dr. Bruce Piasecki maintains in his new book, World Inc., that it's likely the wave of the future....
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Start a Business, Save the World

Article by Geoff Williams (April 20, 2007)
You don't have to give millions to charity or solve the nation's energy woes to make a change. In this article (in which World Inc. author Bruce Piasecki is extensively quoted), you can read about the inspiring approaches some creative businesses are taking.
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Baxter International

Contributing to a More Sustainable World: A Common Purpose

(April 25, 2007)
Opening plenary speech at Ceres Conference 2007, by Robert L. Parkinson, Jr., Chairman and CEO, in which Bruce Piasecki is mentioned:
"So what is, or should be, the role of corporations?
"Dr. Bruce Piasecki, sustainability consultant and author of the new book World Inc., estimates that of the 100 largest economies in the world today, half are corporations. Think about that. Not nations, but companies.
"He goes on to say that the 100 largest multinational corporations control about 20 percent of global assets, and the combined sales of the top 200 firms account for more than 27 percent of the global GDP."
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CLIMATE: Yahoo! Tech cowboys try blazing carbon-neutral trail

by Michael Burnham
(May 17, 2007)
Article that mentions Bruce Piasecki and World Inc.
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