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Climate Change and Global Warming

Many insist that the unfettered growth of our industrial society is at a crossroads — and it is true that capitalism is changing. World Inc. attempts to define the conditions and framework for a new kind of entrepreneurship: Social Response Capitalism. Price and quality have long been the driving forces of corporate success; however, for this generation and those to come, companies will need to compete also on their ability to respond to growing social pressures. This is no clearer than when we regard the mounting subject of global warming. The resources below will shed further light on the connection between a looming climate change crisis and the role of business in addressing this problem.

In Search of Environmental Excellence

A Global Greenhouse: Framing the Debate

Before he began writing World Inc., Bruce Piasecki was already thinking about corporate strategy as practical social response to the issue of global warming. In Chapter 3 of their 1990 Simon & Schuster book, In Search of Environmental Excellence, he and co-author Peter Asmus examined how businesses can contribute to a solution. Read or download that chapter in its entirety here »
(or read the Foreword by Jean-Michel Cousteau).

Corporate Strategy Today - Issue 12

Leading Corporate Strategies and Climate Change: A Few Key Business Examples

Issue XII (August 2006) of the AHC Group's flagship publication, Corporate Strategy Today, contains thoughtful articles on the response of business to climate change, written by key leaders and thinkers in both the public and private sectors, including representatives of BP, the Pew Center, and DTE Energy. You can preview this issue of CST XII or purchase a copy online here »

Golden Gate Bridge

The Rising Role of Renewables

Today, corporations are confronting an unrelenting array of issues centered on their environmental footprint. Since 1992, AHC Group has conducted a series of leadership benchmarking and mentoring workshops for decision-makers at some of the world's best-known corporations. Read program details about their 2nd annual renewable energy workshop, to be held in San Francisco (April 25-27, 2007), and download the session agenda here »


Below are links to online articles related to corporate contributions to solving the problem of global warming in a carbon-constrained world.

Baxter Announces Carbon Neutral Headquarters
CEO Robert Parkinson Addresses Important Role of Corporations in Advancing Solutions to World Issues at 2007 Ceres Conference.
[April 25, 2007]

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