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Capitalism's New
Social Frontier

Excerpt from World Inc.
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When It Comes to Solutions — Both Local and Global — Businesses Are Now More Powerful Than Government

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From Part One, Chapter 3:
Social Response Capitalism

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For many years it was forbidden to even associate the word capital with the word social. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, you were considered the opposite of a capitalist if you even brought up competition based on anything but price and quality.

*   *   *

Climate change is of such a magnitude and complexity that it requires a new form of leader, a leader capable of talking about both what's good for their firm and what' s needed for society.

*   *   *

The next 10 years will do for Social Reponses capitalists what the three decades after World War II did for quality in the corporation.

New Forces within Capitalism

From Part Two, Chapter 4:
Toyota and the Search for the Superior Car

Americans ranked the automotive industry third from the bottom on a list of industries perceived to be helping solve environmental problems. This is in spite of the fact that the automotive industry perceives itself as providing a green technology.

*   *   *

Many have written about the grace, force and fascination of cars. Today, many write about environmental air pollution, asthma, and congestion that are becoming the "prices" we pay for our progress with machines.

*   *   *

Toyota wants to make a profit; they do not see their anticipation of public needs as a philanthropic distraction from making the profit, but the key to its ultimate success.

Chart: Turn of the Century Innovations from Ford to Toyota

From Part Two, Chapter 6:
Developing Leaders We Can Trust

It is my view that with the right kinds of social leaders, large multinational corporations can play the key role in solving the long list of challenges facing society in the 21st century.

*   *   *

Increasingly, scorecards are being used by Wall Street and activists alike in assessing the performance of any firm.

*   *   *

Leaders might change and the [corporate] culture can still stay, and improve. The trick is to study hard enough to capture the culture, not the cult of the current leader.

From Part Three, Chapter 7:
HP and the Vast Universe of Consumer Delight

HP Logo

There is both great risk and stunning opportunity in the fact that less than 10% of the world's population can afford to buy your products.

*   *   *

This is not so much about flattening the world as much about "bettering it," enriching it, at a very personal level.

*   *   *

The key business challenge for HP is to maintain its social leadership positions as it grows in revenue and market share in so many different, highly competitive markets.

*   *   *

When your corporate brand is linked to hundreds of products sold worldwide, reputation damage is one of the most significant risks facing a firm.

From Part Three, Chapter 8:
Money Will Not Manage Itself

Can we now use superior information technologies, and more transparent financial products, to break this absurd historic pattern of abuse, growth, and then abuse again?

*   *   *

This convergence between this increase of individual investors and Social Response product development has evolved into what can be called the "logic" of a global equity culture.

*   *   *

These are the fundamental, inescapable elements of the game, which explains why each year Wall Street has a few big winners — and many losers and many, many only modest gainers. Figure 24 helps you visualize what they track.

Wall Street Indicators

From Part Three, Chapter 9:
Money Matters: The Force of Social Products

In the end, these financial valuation products may prove the best tools for making a better world.

*   *   *

Non-financial matters now account for as much as 35% of an institutional investor's value.

*   *   *

These shareholder resolutions have become an effective means to achieve social goals without involving government regulations, direct economic incentives or political sanctions.

*   *   *

Capitalism has advanced to the point where one gets graded as well on your social performance.

*   *   *

A new Social Response force is now coming from large global corporations who deal directly with tens of thousands of global citizens living in this carbon-constrained world.

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