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World Inc.:

When It Comes to Solutions — Both Local and Global — Businesses Are Now More Powerful Than Government

by AHC Group President and Founder Bruce Piasecki

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About World Inc. Below is a selection of rave reviews and positive feedback for Bruce's new book, from thought leaders in business, the media, government, non-profit sector, and other organizations, including:

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CBS News Anchor Charles Osgood

Endorsement by a Prominent CBS News Anchor and host of The Osgood File

"In World Inc. Dr. Bruce Piasecki sheds light on some profound changes taking place around the world, and the rapidly expanding role of global business enterprises in shaping the future. It is an eye-opener."

Charles Osgood


Endorsement by the Founder of a Sustainability-focused NGO

Gaining Ground Logo

"We can't steer by the old lights, and ventures like AHC, people like Bruce, are engaged in a process of informed guidance, helping enterprise around history's sharp corners by putting language to current and impending conditions. Either the world is headed toward sustainable practices, or the world is drifting toward trouble and the ruin of all systems as we presently understand them. AHC is a sustainability champion. That has great value; that's real currency."

— Gene Miller
Founder, Gaining Ground

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Endorsement by the Founder of a Distinguished Washington, D.C., Corporate Consulting Firm


"I have not read in several years a book with such an immediacy of application. World Inc. presents an ability to integrate, in a simple and direct approach, an astonishing number of onrushing global variables in a way that can be quickly read, understood, internalized, and immediately related to a business executive's current pressures."

— Darryl Vernon Poole
Cambridge Institute For Applied Research

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Endorsement by a Key HS&E Officer at a Fortune 500 Company

Shell Group Logo

"Bruce Piasecki has spent his career bringing people together to discuss the challenging issues of the times. If you spend much time with Bruce, you'll undoubtedly notice that he listens intently and takes copious notes. He always knows when to inject a certain catalyst to spark and stimulate the discussion. World Inc. captures many of these thoughts and his vision into the future, and offers a unique opportunity to benefit from these hundreds and thousands of encounters that Bruce has experienced."

— Sam Smolik,
Vice President — Health, Safety, Security and Environment
Shell Group


Endorsement by a Key Environmental Officer at a Major Engineering Company

Siemens Logo

"Riveting is not a word normally associated with business books, but that was my first reaction to Bruce Piasecki's latest contribution to the literature on sustainability...and that was after only the first chapter.

Five years ago the topics of green and sustainability suffered from nebulous definitions and uncorroborated testimonies. But as the topics have matured, we find both tremendous responsibility and business opportunity embedded in our responses as corporations and communities.

Bruce takes us to the next level in World Inc. Through thoughtful commentary and concrete examples he sets a new bar for achievement and a challenge for innovation in not only products, but in the very way organizations are managed and respond."

— Richard H. Walker,
Sr. National Manager — Environmental Solutions
Siemens Building Technologies


Endorsement by an Influential Media Leader

Air America Radio Logo
Nova M Radio Logo

"World Inc. ably demonstrates that we are indeed becoming one world. Corporations can either step up to their role as good stewards or pay the price in the marketplace. This book should be on every decision-maker's desk. Kudos to Bruce Piasecki for doing the work necessary to bring about this much needed paradigm shift."

— Sheldon Drobny,
Co-founder of Air America Radio and Nova M Radio


Endorsement by a Key Officer for an Insurance Brokerage Firm

Rutherfoord Logo

"In the past, [AHC Group workshops] have considered some of the major environmental issues of the day — and in his latest book, World Inc., Bruce Piasecki has captured some of the most powerful cases of this exchange that supports the conclusion that environmental leadership is sound business and can also meet the expectations of society."

— Stephen J. Myers
V.P. — Environmental Risk Management Practice


Endorsement by the CEO of a Solid Waste Management Solutions Company

Energy Answers Logo

"Describing a phenomenon he was instrumental in creating and stimulating, Bruce Piasecki, PhD, in his new book World Inc. is alerting the world to a new efficient resource for solving some of our more serious global problems. He asserts, convincingly, that major corporations are rapidly not only assuming responsibility for the unintended consequences of their productive activity, but taking an aggressive leadership role in addressing issues such as global warming, renewable energy, resource conservation, and sustainability. I have had the pleasure of watching Bruce over the past 20 years as he has advocated for responsible corporate leadership, provided stimulating benchmarking conferences and influenced and applauded the actions of Toyota, HP, Dupont, Whirlpool, Suncor, and numerous others as they took positive action and set examples. For those who have not had the pleasure, this book will provide some hope for a brighter global future through the efforts of unsung corporate heroes."

— Patrick F. Mahoney
Founder & CEO
Energy Answers International

and AHC Group Corporate Affiliate
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Endorsement by the CEO of a Renewable Energy Retailer

Sterling Planet Logo

"No business can remain competitive, open to new markets and new opportunities, without driving every level of its business toward the concept of social response capitalism and product development. World Inc. demonstrates that corporate social responsibility is not simply about doing good, but doing good business by developing products that the market demands — and which also deliver value to shareholders and society alike."

— Mel Jones
President and CEO
Sterling Planet


Endorsement by a Key Officer for a U.S. Defense Contractor

CTC Logo

"In 2007, with the emergence of huge multinational companies, Piasecki has again discovered a critical alignment that will shape our future. Companies, rather than nations, are taking the lead in social causes such as environmental sustainability, energy conservation and worker safety. World Inc. discusses the alignment of these social causes with the core financial and quality demands of corporations in the marketplace. Business leaders will want to read Piasecki's exploration of this new alignment and what it means to future corporate competitiveness. Activists in the causes of energy, environment and health must read it as a handbook to new partners and tools in pursuit of their vital missions."

— Jerry Hudson
Vice President & Chief Quality Officer
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)


Endorsement by a Key Officer at a Major Media Company

The Media Group Logo

"Dr. Piasecki's style reminds me of Thomas Friedman, whose gift includes the ability to frame complex issues and communicate them in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. And by demonstrating a pragmatic insight of business, Dr. Piasecki has convinced me that our future is secure. The 'green' appetite by the consuming public will continue to accelerate exponentially as the participation of more socially responsible corporations grows. Everyone benefits!

"I'm confident that Dr. Piasecki's work in transforming companies and public expectations is what will attract many to this kind of work in the near future."

— Marty Rolnick, Sr. Vice President,
The Media Group


Endorsement by a Key Officer at an International Nonprofit Leadership Organization

The Aspen Institute Logo

"In World Inc. Bruce Piasecki solidly conveys the ever successive need to grasp the interdependence between products, profits and people. It is accessible, honest and the next must-read for business leaders genuinely seeking to understand the future of sustainable development in the lineage of Hawken's Ecology of Commerce, Zadek's Civil Corporation, Elkington's Cannibals with Forks and Hopkins' Planetary Bargain."

— David Monsma,
Executive Director — Energy and Environment Program,
The Aspen Institute


Endorsement by Climate Change Expert, Editor, and Author of the Pulitzer-Prize Winning Book The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On

"The guiding value of what Piasecki terms 'senile' capitalism was profit maximization through raw competition. That was surely the dominant operating principle of business in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. More recently, it spawned a wave of contempt for government and a profound suspicion of regulation. But I think that 'socially responsive' capitalism requires a much more nuanced balance between competition and cooperation."

— Ross Gelbspan
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BC Hydro Logo

Endorsement by the
Vice President of Sustainability
at Canada's BC Hydro

"In World Inc., Bruce Piasecki invites us to view business from a new perspective — one which offers inspired possibilities for a better world from designing better products. Through social response we are called to a higher order of vision, integrity, and leadership for managing our businesses in the 21st century."

— Bruce Sampson, Vice President, Sustainability,
BC Hydro


Cover of the book Megatrends 2010

Endorsement by the bestselling author of Megatrends 2010

"What Bruce Piasecki sees will surprise and inspire you. More important, it will offer you — as an investor, consumer, business leader, or activist — the core principles and visionary insight you need to identify which companies will succeed in the 21st century, and how the result will be a better society."

— Patricia Aburdene
(from the Foreword to World Inc.)


Wal-Mart Logo

Endorsement by a Key Officer at Wal-Mart Stores

"In his book, World Inc., Bruce Piasecki explores the changing role of business in the 21st Century, and the strategy of business sustainability as a source of inimitable competitive advantage. Today, as many business leaders revisit the question — 'What will it take for our company to continue its rate of growth for the next 20 years?' — they find that the answers for the next 20 years are markedly different from those of the past. Bruce contributes to this discussion by going beyond the usual topics of resource capacity and the unintended consequences of world economic development, to examine the changing role of business, and the capabilities and strategies required by leaders to excel in the empowered, social network of the emerging global economy."

— Tyler J. Elm, Senior Director,
Corporate Strategy & Finance, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


Endorsement by David Rippe, co-author of The Flip

Cover of the book The Flip

"World Inc. is a watershed book that is not only relevant and topical, but vital. Bruce Piasecki lays out the moral imperative for our business and political leaders. The game has changed. To be successful in the twenty-first century, all stakeholders must be taken into consideration, from shareholders to workers to citizen-consumers. We will only survive if we work together for the betterment of all. Few people are as qualified as Dr. Piasecki to lead this charge. For anyone concerned about the future, World Inc. is a must-read."

— David Rippe, President/Founder,
Celestia International
Celestia International is a strategic marketing communication and creative services firm. Besides co-writing The Flip with Jared Rosen, David Rippe is the author of The Journals trilogy under the pseudonym R.T. Stone


Endorsement by the President of a Utilities
Systems Integration Solutions Firm

MeterSmart Logo

"As a utility industry executive who believes that deployment of sustainable technologies and environmental leadership are necessary strategic ingredients for the utility industry's success in the 21st century, this book is particularly timely. Every utility CEO, energy policy maker, and regulator should read this book!"

— Hugh Baker, President, MeterSmart L.P.


Endorsement by Former Board Member of ARCO,
and Past President of Nature Conservancy

"This book should be read by all consumers and corporate managers who care about the future of this planet. This very readable book points towards practical and pragmatic solutions to designing and manufacturing products that enhance our twenty-first century lifestyles without depleting earth's finite resources."

— Frank Boren, former President of the Nature Conservancy, Member of the ARCO Board of Directors, and Founder of Sustainable Conservation


Endorsement by Corporate President of
Dayton Power and Light Company

Dayton Power & Light Logo

"If ever there were a time in the corporate governance and environmental arenas where the insights of the activist could provide value-added to the corporate businessman today is that time. Piasecki lays out near term solutions to current relevant issues that will help ensure your business's long term market success.

"The pragmatic view Bruce Piasecki conveys on implementing change processes here build on his successful 1990 book In Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame.

"By addressing consumer products and services through case studies and the end user's viewpoint Bruce Piasecki clearly demonstrates how today's informed consumers are demanding more than merely high quality and low cost - they have a larger sense of value. By adopting his thesis on social response product development insightful and entrepreneurial businesses will be able change their corporations to better serve their customers and capture additional value.

"A must-read for those interested in moving to the top, or staying there, in their industry sectors over the next five years."

— Steve Wolff, President, Power Production,
Dayton Power & Light


Endorsement by a Leadership & Business Consultant

ICW Consulting Logo

"Much as Daniel Goldman redefined intelligence as both emotional and social, Bruce Piasecki recasts 21st-century business leadership as globally-minded, inclusive of brilliance in its many forms, and keenly aware of its complex and multi-faceted role in today's world. An insider's book, World Inc. challenges corporate leaders to use their credibility and influence, and to take responsibility to shape the vision and strategic direction of businesses. He clearly and succinctly builds the case for moving — from independent profitable entities — to change agents in a larger world community that influences us physically, emotionally, and systemically with an aligned social consciousness."

—Ilene Wasserman, Founder and President,
ICW Consulting


Endorsement by a Corporate Consultant and Advocate for Sustainability in Business

"World Inc. proves that when companies get the priorities right, they get everything else right, easily and rapidly. They earn 'more profit' by making profits clearly their second priority. Who wouldn't want to work for such a company? Who wouldn't want to invest in it? Bruce Piasecki provides a clear win-win that shopkeepers in small towns have known forever but that has gotten lost in the abstractions of multinational finance. This is a recognition of an awareness we had lost, a wake-up call from a long slumber."

— Terry Mollner, President, Trusteeship Institute, Inc.
Terry is the founder of Trusteeship Institute, a group which mainly consults to firms converting to employee ownership based on the Mondragon model. He has been actively involved with the Boards of The Calvert Social Investment Fund, the Association of Humanistic Psychology, and The Institute For Community Economics.


Endorsement by an Energy Buyer's Agent and Consultant

EnergyNext Logo

"Bruce Piasecki has authored a new and important book, World Inc. Bruce is one of the pioneers bringing business and environmentalists together in a way that raises consciousness on both sides. He has been an instrumental consultant to major corporations, as well as a successful author of several books on corporate environmental strategies. Anyone who is working in the general areas of energy, environment, global change and/or corporate responsibility may find this of interest."

— Gordon M. Boyd, President & Founding Partner,
EnergyNext, Inc.


Endorsement by Major Legal Thinker and
Corporate Leader, Kenneth Dickerson

"Leadership in the corporate world involves many aspects, as described by the author; however, anticipation of change, willingness to invest based upon a look beyond the horizon and a commitment to the long term health of the planet is the centerpiece of this book.

"Dr. Piasecki has chosen to analyze the thought processes of the leaders of very successful enterprises and concludes that alertness to the need for change and societal concerns are the key drivers in their successes. As the author concludes, 'those that do not address these drivers will be consumed or cease to exist.'"

Kenneth R. Dickerson,
Retired Senior Vice President, ARCO

A leading member of select boards and advisory groups, Kenneth R. Dickerson was Senior Vice President of External Affairs of Atlantic Richfield Company. His responsibilities included the company's government and public affairs, community affairs, communications, media, environment, health, safety, remediation of waste sites and the ARCO Foundation.


Endorsement by Anheuser Busch

"Dr. Bruce Piasecki's most recent book, World Inc., presents a rare but important vision into our future world — a robust world where 'buy and sell' decisions are made not only on the basis of price, quality and availability but also on the basis of environmental, social and economic criteria that occur across the value chain of products and services.

"Those in Corporate America who are early movers in integrating these essential concepts launching superior products and services will be rewarded in the global marketplace. Dr. Piasecki has focused on the leaders of two companies (HP and Toyota) to show how these early movers are developing sustainability strategies that are already showing early signs of success.

"The author also makes the contrasting point that those companies who are slow to move or don't move at all into these sustainability strategies risk the potential of being added to the growing scrap heap of companies who have failed to heed past visions of change in a timely manner."

— Bill Sugar, Senior Director, Anheuser-Busch Corporation


Endorsement by Chris Laszlo, Founding Partner of
Sustainable Value Partners and
an Established Business Advisor and Strategist

"By linking environmental and social performance to product differentiation at major companies such as Toyota and HP, Bruce Piasecki has illuminated an important source of competitive advantage and stock value in the 21st century. Told in a colorful and engaging style, this book is a shaper of things to come. Executives who want their companies to achieve industry leadership in the coming 60 months would do well to read it!"

— Dr. Chris Laszlo, Founding Partner,
Sustainable Value Partners

Chris Laszlo is the author of The Sustainable Company: How to Create Lasting Value Through Social and Environmental Performance (Island Press, Fall 2003). For ten years, he was a senior executive at Lafarge S.A., a world leader in building materials, holding positions as head of corporate strategy, general manager of a manufacturing subsidiary, and vice president of business development.


Endorsement by CEO of Sustainable Business Institute

"A powerful book to document and support social responsibility and environmental awareness among successful leading 21st century businesses. Well documented with case studies from Toyota, Hewlett-Packard and other familiar companies in this very well written and interesting book. Important reading for all forward-looking executives and managers."

— Jessica Fullmer, CEO/Founder,
Sustainable Business Institute


Endorsement by Paul Bray, Esq.

"World Inc. opens the window on the coming of age of business social responsibility and reveals the forces at work requiring business leaders to anticipate the near future and what this will mean for the consumer and society.

"Piasecki thoughtfully reveals why Toyota's break through and efficient hybrid auto, the Prius, is the vanguard of a product development trend that adds social response to the traditional drivers of price and performance."

— Paul M. Bray, Esq., President, P.M. Bray LLC
Paul's company offers services in areas of environmental, planning law, and bill drafting. Bray has extensive experience with the New York State Legislature.


Endorsement by Executive Education for the Environment

Executive Education for the Environment Logo

"Bruce Piasecki documents the emergence of an important new business strategy, social response capitalism. Grounded in the experiences of such major corporations as HP and Toyota, he uncovers the common threads that position these corporations for success in a new business context dominated by environmental and social challenges and conscious consumers.

"World Inc. will challenge business leaders to see competitive advantage in developing environmental stewardship and social response capabilities. This book will challenge skeptics outside the business community to begin to see how business can be a significant partner in the transition to a more sustainable world."

— Trudy Heller, Founder/President,
Executive Education for the Environment
and AHC Group Alliance Partner

(Consultant on Sustainable Business Management)


Endorsement by GreenWave Radio

"Bruce Piasecki's latest book, World Inc., is the unfolding story of the design revolution where the mind is designing away the past mistakes of the First Industrial Revolution. The implications of the design revolution will unleash a more perfect form of capitalism, making products not for people but about people."

— Chandler Van Voorhis, Co-host of GreenWave Radio
GreenWave Radio is a nationally syndicated radio talk show heard on Business Talk Radio Network. In 2002, Chandler was the recipient of the nation's top conservation award, the CheveronTexaco Conservation Award.

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