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Over the past 15 years, environmental leaders of some of today's most prestigious companies have been meeting here to discuss the emerging environmental drivers that affect business performance. Facilitated by Bruce Piasecki and the AHC Group, this unique workshop forum has provided a venue for the exchange of major issues, ideas and environmental best practices. Participants utilize the sanctuary of this affiliation to provide input while improving their environmental programs and thus the success of their respective companies.

In the past, these workshops have considered some of the major environmental issues of the day — and in his latest book, World Inc., Bruce Piasecki has captured some of the most powerful cases of this exchange that supports the conclusion that environmental leadership is sound business and can also meet the expectations of society.

Since the early 1990s, I have participated in the AHC Group's Corporate Affiliate Program on environmental leadership. Having attained membership in this unique forum for four different companies, I have a long historical view of the evolution and the successful formula of this venue. Over time, discussions on environmental engineering solutions have led to discussions on advanced environmental management programs and ultimately to sound business practices that have been implemented by Affiliate companies.

Most recently, environmental risk management has been discussed. As the executive in charge of the Environmental Risk Management Practice for Thomas Rutherfoord, Inc., one of the nation's fastest growing risk management and insurance brokerage firms (and the first in the insurance industry to go "carbon-neutral" — see this press release), I have encouraged Affiliates to carefully consider environmental risk as a pivotal success parameter for businesses today. Environmental risk solutions offer a way for businesses to turn environmental stewardship into a growth driver for the future by understanding their environmental risk tolerance and threshold. Those that know the risks reap the rewards!"

Stephen J. Myers
V.P. — Environmental Risk Management Practice

Goldman Sachs

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Congratulations on the organisation of your conference and bringing together a diverse range of outstanding participants. I found it a useful experience in a number of areas — in particular, Tom Chappell's (Tom's of Maine) presentation was a highlight.

Sarah Forrest
Global Investment Research
Goldman Sachs International

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

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In the early 1990s, the Department of Defense's (DOD) Environmental Budget approached the budget of the entire U.S. EPA. Bruce Piasecki's In Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame built a powerful insight around the irony of the DOD's leadership in addressing environmental issues. Piasecki mapped the unique alignment within the DOD between their mission, their massive budget, and environmental stewardship. His insights still shape the work of the DOD and its business partners in pursuing that mission.

In 2007, with the emergence of huge multinational companies, Piasecki has again discovered a critical alignment that will shape our future. Companies, rather than nations, are taking the lead in social causes such as environmental sustainability, energy conservation and worker safety. World Inc. discusses the alignment of these social causes with the core financial and quality demands of corporations in the marketplace. Business leaders will want to read Piasecki's exploration of this new alignment and what it means to future corporate competitiveness. Activists in the causes of energy, environment and health must read it as a handbook to new partners and tools in pursuit of their vital missions.

Jerry Hudson
Vice President & Chief Quality Officer
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)

LP Building Products

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Dear Bruce — Congratulations on an exceptional workshop, "The Rising Role of Renewables in Corporate Strategy." The AHC Group in partnership with Sterling Planet assembled an impressive array of presenters and attendees. The presentations were informative and I learned almost as much during the breaks from the others in attendance.

At LP we are wrestling with all of the issues that were addressed in the workshop, including energy price volatility, our environmental footprint, climate change, sustainable development, and how renewable energy factors into this. I took away from the Workshop what is, for us, game changing-information and approaches to these issues. We directly factored information from the Workshop into our strategic growth strategies in these areas. To say the least, it was a very valuable day and a half.

This continues an uninterrupted string of five AHC workshops, including the AHC Affiliates Workshops, that have been resounding successes. Please also pass on my congratulations to Mel Jones for his contributions and those of the rest of the Sterling Planet team. Best regards,

David J. Harvey
Vice President of Environmental Affairs
LP Building Products

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