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AHC Group Consulting Services

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About the Company

Since 1981, the AHC Group has assisted organizations and individuals in the field of environmental and management strategy.

As consultants and researchers to a wide variety of organizations, both public and private, we serve as trusted advisors to middle- and upper- management staff and key officers whose responsibilities include environmental health and safety, public relations, governmental affairs, corporate governance, social responsibility, communications, and investor relations.

Through our individual client contracts, benchmarking workshops, and publications, we focus on helping companies...

  • realize the business potential in environmental strategy and public issues;
  • enhance stakeholder and investor relations;
  • improve corporate governance;
  • position themselves for success in the marketplace; and
  • discover what is actionable by linking the needs of corporations with external demands for new products in a social response context.

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The ABCs of AHC Group 

  • Aggressive Facilitation
  • Angle on Tomorrow
  • Alliance Formation
  • Application- & Results-Driven
  • Best Practices on Corporate Strategy
  • Bold Disclosures on Corporate Leadership
  • Bridging Corporate, Thought & Entrepreneur Leaders
  • Building Better Businesses, Products & Leaders
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • Compassionate Concern for Corporate Risk
  • Care, Commitment & Courage on the Near Future
  • Corporate Affiliates Network
  • Coalition of Leaders
  • Constant Conversation
  • Change Agents of Consequence

At the AHC Group we focus our practice on delivering on your bottom line. We do this through what we call our ABCs of the AHC Group.

Through our Corporate Affiliate Program, Senior Associates, and network of thought leaders and leading practitioners of change strategies, we aggressively facilitate a constant conversation on the near-future.

We deliver results with compassion and concern for corporate risks. We are change agents of consequence with a unique angle on tomorrow — bridging our coalition of leaders through bold disclosures and helping build better businesses, products, and companies through our time-tested approach to conscious capitalism.

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